Mortgage pre-approvals make getting in your dream home easier by:

  • You will shop confidently knowing exactly how much home you can afford
  • Address any lending hurdles in your credit history early in the homebuying process
  • Your offer to purchase holds more weight with real estate agents and home sellers, who see offers from buyers with preapprovals as more serious.
  • Get in your dream home faster once your offer to purchase is accepted since some of the application process has already been completed!

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Home Purchase – Our full-service mortgage department
specializes in home purchases with a team of lenders
and an array of products to fit every situation with very
competitive rates and closing costs!

Adjustable Rate Mortgage – ARM Loans are a perfect
option for affordable monthly payments as they provide a
low, initial Annual Percentage Rate, providing more home
buying power. These loans are serviced locally by your
credit union and offer true bi-weekly payment options
saving you money!

Fixed Rate Mortgage – If you want your Annual
Percentage Rate to be locked in for the full term, we also
offer fixed rate mortgages. This loan might be right if you
plan to stay in your home a long time and can afford larger
initial payments.

Refinance - Save money, lower your monthly payment
or maybe cash out some equity for a major home
improvement. We have resources to help you determine
whether a refinance is the right choice for you.

Building a new home? We can help make your
dreams come true from start to finish with lot and
construction loans.