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Protect Your Loans with GAP, Extended Warranty and Life & Disability



GAP has your vehicle covered should you have an accident

The need for GAP insurance for most vehicle borrowers can be summed up in one word “depreciation”. Just driving off in your new vehicle creates depreciation resulting in a gap between the value of your vehicle and your new loan amount. GAP insurance protects you should your vehicle get totaled and pays – what could be a substantial difference – between your loan amount and your insurance award.

Our GAP insurance has another important feature making it even more attractive, Auto Deductible Reimbursement. Now with WCCU GAP insurance you receive two years of $500 Deductible Reimbursement coverage. So with our new policy, if you have a minor accident with a reported claim to your insurer, members receive up to $500 twice per year, for two years, to cover deductibles your auto insurance does not. GAP insurance is also much more affordable through your credit union than at a dealership. So when you bring your auto loan to Winnebago Community, you not only get the best loan rate, but you will also get a great deal on GAP insurance!

Vehicle Extended Warranty Offers Peace of Mind

A big advantage of buying a used car is avoiding new car depreciation. There is a drawback though. Did the previous owner sell it because of a problem? Is there a repair bill in the near future? Winnebago Community has the perfect answer to those questions... and extended warranty.

Our extended warranty plans, offered through Vision Warranty (a division of Allstate Corporation), provide peace of mind for vehicle buyers, at a lower cost than most dealer plans. Coverage’s include roadside assistance, plus:

Let us save you money and provide additional peace of mind the next time you purchase a vehicle with an extended warranty through Winnebago Community! Contact one of our lenders to get started at 920-233-9096

Life and Disability Offer Security for You and Your Family

Protect your Home Equity loan or Vehicle loans from disaster. It’s impossible to predict when injury, illness or unexpected death will occur, so having insurance in place to cover unforeseen events is critical to your family’s security. And, Winnebago Community Credit Union can provide that secure path should something unfortunate happen.

How it Works

It’s simple. This voluntary insurance premium is included in your monthly loan payment so you won’t need to track any bills or statements. Then if you are totally disabled due to injury, illness, or in the event of an unexpected death Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance is there for you.

Why its Valuable

Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance works in two different ways. You and your family won’t have to make loan payments if you’re totally disabled due to an injury or illness. It will help pay your loan until you’re fully recovered, or in the event of an unexpected death, it will pay off the loan. Allowing you to preserve savings and provide your family financial freedom when they need it most.

To learn more, or to enroll call one of our lenders!