Fraud Tactics
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Online Banking

Practical Tips to Keep You Safe

We live in a digital world, so keeping your personal information secure and understanding the tools fraudsters use to commit crimes is critical.

Fraud Tactics

Bank scammers prey on the kindness of others or those who are vulnerable. They lurk in the darkest parts of the web, attempting to gain access to your confidential information using various tactics. One wrong click and your entire life has been turned upside down or, worse, financially destroyed. Here are the top ways frausters target you:

  1. Fraudulent messages through either calls, texts, or emails posing as the credit union, asking you to “verify” information or provide private information.
  2. They send fake checks that legally bind you to some action.
  3. They send a spam email or fake text message requiring you to respond with a log-in code or with a link to download malware.
  4. Get you to share your credit card number or bank account information on a phishing website.
  5. Spammers try to access your online banking platform remotely through malware or viruses.

No matter means, the end goal is always the same to deceptively obtain access to your money through your personal and financial information.