Phishing Scam
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Practical Tips to Keep You Safe

We live in a digital world, so keeping your personal information secure and understanding the tools fraudsters use to commit crimes is critical.

Phishing Scam

With the holidays here, ‘tis the season for fraud. We’re hearing reports of an uptick in phishing attempts, and we feel it’s important to pass that along to you. To protect you from these aggressive phishing attempts, we’re sharing tips and what to do if you fall victim.

Phishing attacks aim to dupe a victim into releasing sensitive information that can be used for identity theft. These attacks are on the rise with increased holiday shopping. In the most recent attack we’re hearing about, a fraudster sends a text message to a cardholder, requesting they call an 800 telephone number because their “account is locked.” When the cardholder calls the number, they’re asked to enter their card number or other personal information, such as their PIN, Social Security number or mobile device codes. It is important to remember legitimate texts to verify transactions will NEVER ask for card numbers or other personal information. 

If you have questions about the legitimacy of a call or text, call our fraud team at 866-508-2693.