Scams Target Older Adults
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Online Banking

Practical Tips to Keep You Safe

We live in a digital world, so keeping your personal information secure and understanding the tools fraudsters use to commit crimes is critical.

Scams Target Older Adults

Elderly American’s are susceptible to a broad range of financial crimes uniquely targeting their vulnerabilities. Here are tips to protect you and your family from being scammed:

  • Keep in mind the main reason seniors are targeted… they likely have a “nest egg” con artists want.
  • People born from 1930-1950 are generally more trusting. Get in the habit of saying no anytime an unknown company or person tries to sell something. On the phone, hang up immediately.
  • Older adults are less likely to report fraud because of embarrassment or fear of losing control over financial matters.
  • Elderly victims are slow to realize scams allowing criminals to get away. Contact family or law enforcement immediately if you suspect anything.
  • Be especially wary of advertised health products. Promoters realize older adults want relief from life’s aches and pains.