Don’t Let Criminals "Skim" Your Money!
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Online Banking

Practical Tips to Keep You Safe

We live in a digital world, so keeping your personal information secure and understanding the tools fraudsters use to commit crimes is critical.

Don’t Let Criminals "Skim" Your Money!

You may have heard of skimming on the news recently as criminals were arrested in Green Bay. Skimming is the illegal copying your debit or credit card data from the magnetic strip and then cloning your card to make fraudulent transactions.

There are two components; a Skimmer placed over the card slot to read the information and then a camera or keypad overlay to capture your pin.

What can you do?

  • Always use your hand to shield your PIN as you enter it.
  • Look at the card reader and key pad: Does anything look out-of-place? Are they different in any way from the rest of the machine?

If you feel your card information may have been compromised call us immediately. Remember, you are the best line of defense in protecting your financial identity!