International Credit Union Day
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International Credit Union Day

International Credit Union Day

Oct 4, 2018, 15:53 PM by Krista Olson
Join us to celebrate, stop at any WCCU location on October 18th and pick up a Free 2019 Calendar and Shred confidential documents. We will also be serving Manderfield cookies and refreshments.

The credit union movement and the “People-Not-Profit” philosophy first began in the 1840’s, hand this philosophy still drives the credit union movement to this day.

For those who don’t know, this is what makes credit unions unique and different from banks. Credit unions are not for profit. They don’t have to answer to share holders. Their members are the owners and the credit union’s decisions are based on what is best for the credit union as a whole and it’s members. 

Winnebago Community Credit Union started in 1953 when Robert Graf, a Highway Department employee, received approval to start a Credit Union for those employed by Winnebago County.  The credit union has come a long way over the years, including opening membership to anyone working or living in Winnebago County, but still lives by the idea of the credit union movement, putting people first and serving the members and people in the community.

International Credit Union (ICU) Day celebrates the global credit union movement and gives recognition of all the hard work and achievements that have been made toward the movement throughout the years. The ultimate goal of this day is to raise awareness about the movement and all the tremendous work that credit unions are doing around the world to better serve their members.  This day is also a great opportunity to get members more involved with their Credit Union.

Today, over 235 million people are served by credit unions in 109 countries and 6 continents.

So come join us as we celebrate International Credit Union Day!  Stop in any WCCU location on October 18th and pick up a 2019 Calendar and FREE WCCU pen. We will also be serving Manderfield cookies and refreshments.