Meet Winne and our WCCU Kids Club
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Meet Winne and our WCCU Kids Club

Apr 18, 2018, 13:50 PM by Krista Olson
Helping Make Kids Savings GROW!

As part of our WCCU Moms program, WCCU Kids provides the perfect opportunity to put your loved ones on the road to financial success. We care about getting kids started on the right rack when it comes to saving money.

Meet Winne…she is our new owl mascot for the Kids Club and we hope to teach your youth wise savings habits. To assist you in building a “financial friendly home” youth members receive:


$5 – We’ll make your opening deposit!

$5 – Earned for Each Report Card with an “A”

$5 – Fill Deposit Book with Stamps

Up to $5 – Go Fishing for Cash on Birthdays!


• A WCCU Kids Club Piggy Bank to get started saving at home.

• WCCU Moms Blog provides tips and information you can use to improve your family finances.

• Your WCCU Kids account earns interest to help the savings grow.

• So you can watch your saving grow, we provide online and mobile access to account information and statements.

• To keep things simple – there are no fees or minimum balances.

$5 Deposit Book incentive for youth accounts only and limited to maximum of $10 in any calendar year.