Why a Mortgage Pre-Approval Can Get You Moving!
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Buy a new home with a mortgage pre-approval

Why a Mortgage Pre-Approval Can Get You Moving!

Mar 21, 2017, 13:49 PM by Krista Olson

Have you ever experienced being at a checkout register with your debit or credit card only to have it declined? It’s REALLY embarrassing right?

Well that’s just what many people experience when buying a home. They’ve spend countless ours visiting open houses, searching online, working with a realtor and then they find it…the perfect home!

But, there’s a problem – just like the person stuck at the cashier– they’ve been declined.  Why? The reasons could be many, but one thing is clear, a mortgage pre-approval will prevent this embarrassing scenario from happening to you.

A FREE mortgage pre-approval from Winnebago Community performs many key roles including:

  • Address any lending hurdles in your credit history early in the home buying process.
  • Feel confident submitting an offer to purchase knowing you can afford the home you chose.
  • Realtors and home sellers will give your offer priority knowing you’re already pre-approved to purchase the home.
  • Much of the mortgage process is complete, so you can get into your dream faster.

Even if you are an experienced homebuyer with excellent credit, a mortgage pre-approval makes sense. If you fall in love with a house, you could lose out to a similar buyer who is already pre-approved – which offer do you think a home seller would prefer to accept…a pre-approved buyer or one who isn’t.

So if you are serious about buying a home in 2017, see one of our mortgage-lending professionals and get started on a FREE mortgage pre-approval. Then you’ll be ready AND able to purchase the home of your dreams!