Turning Clutter into Cash
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Turning Clutter into Cash

Oct 18, 2016, 13:49 PM by Krista Olson

Who would love to have an extra $3,000 for the holidays? I would!

According to a survey by Nielsen and Ebay, the average household has around 50+ unused or unwanted items that are worth a whopping $3,100.

Maybe it’s time to clean out your closets and get rid of all the “stuff” taking up space. Then turn your hard work and clutter into extra cash?  Who doesn’t need more cash around the holidays?

So, if your basement is full of unused items or you just have a few things lying around, here are tips to turning that clutter into some extra Holiday cash!

Put Together a Plan of Action

Before you go head to head with the “Clutter Monster”, take a step back and write down your goals and how you plan to reach them.  This will keep you focused, when things start to get a little overwhelming.  For example: set a goal maybe try to earn a $1000 for your Holiday spending this year.

Get Organized

Let’s face it de-cluttering the closet can become a mess; so make sure you separate the items you plan to sell or not to sell in different piles.  I personally like to put them in the clear storage bins (so I can see what is in the bin).  I will then label the bins as to where I will be selling the items.

Sell or Not to Sell?

Clearing out the clutter can be difficult, as many items you might be thinking oh I “might” use this item “someday!”, But you have to keep in mind that you are clearing out unused items. If you have not used an item in a whole year or much less 4 years, then I think it is safe to say you can live without it.  I always ask myself these 5 questions when figuring out whether to sell and item or not.

  • Do I Need this Item?
  • Do I Like this Item?
  • Do I Used this Item on a Regular basis?
  • Is This Item Taking Up Space?
  • Could Someone Else Use This Item?
  •  Where to Sell your Items?

There are many places these days you can sell your items for cash here are a list of a couple that I recommend.

Varagesale.com:  I personally LOVE this site!  It is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell items locally. This is a much safer alternative to Craigslist as you login or sign up using your Facebook account to ensure you are dealing with real people. To sign up go to Appleton Varagesale Community or Oshkosh Varagesale Community page and click the “join community” button.

Ebay.com:  Looking to get a little more money for your item, put it in front of more people.  Research what similar items were going for on Ebay and then post your item for sale.  Make sure to factor in shipping charges along with Ebay fees. Pictures are also very important for Ebay so make sure they are quality.

Consignment Stores:  Most will specialize in selling name brand clothing. There are also Children’s consignment where you can sell baby, maternity and toys.  Plato’s Closet for adults or Once Upon A Child for kids are great options in the area.

Raise.com:  If you have unused gift cards that you are not planning on using Raise is a great place to try and sell them. 

Gazelle.com: Here you can sell your used cell phones, ipads/tablets, computers or ipods. They also give you free shipping to ship the item to them no risk.  Check them out at Gazelle.com.

Set a Time Limit

Before you start listing and selling items, put a time limit on how long you want an item listed for sale.  For example: if you cannot sell an item for 3 weeks, decide to sell it somewhere else or donate it to charity. 

Sell in Lots

Sometimes it might be best to sell items in lots. For example: a whole bin of clothing for one price.  This helps if you are looking to get rid of the items faster and not have to take the time to list each item.  I have seen old video game lots, where people sell the console, game and accessories, go for $50-$100 on Varagesale and they sell really fast.

Set Aside the Money You Make

Selling and item can be exciting! However, in order to reach your goals, you want to make sure to set that money you made aside and not spent it right away.  A great option would be a Holiday saving account.

Cleaning out the clutter in your home will not only bring in some extra cash for the Holiday, but can also help you become much more organized at home.  So what are you waiting for lets start de-cluttering!