Passwords Got you Down? You're Not alone!
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Passwords Got you Down? You're Not alone!

Sep 26, 2016, 13:49 PM by Krista Olson
How many of you are sick of passwords?!!!  I literally have accounts where I reset the password every time I enter! It’s just part of the process, albeit a frustrating part. Even if my device remembers the password, the next device I jump on doesn’t know it’s updated, so I do another password reset, ugh.

I laugh because I’ve heard hackers can guess your password if they know three things about you. That’s funny because I can never crack my own passwords. I guess I wouldn’t make a very good hacker.

I’ve heard that password manager apps work well and now generate unique passwords and update all your devices. Have any Moms out there used a password manager?  If you have, I’d love to hear your experiences.  I’m looking into LastPass, it is relatively inexpensive and gets good reviews.

Symantect, the software security giant, releases a list of the worst passwords ever and my personal favorite on their list is “letmein” because that’s exactly how I feel every time I log into an account! I hope your logins are going well this week.